Thursday, August 1, 2019

RMEF Crowns Montana Elk Calling Champions

In June, the sounds of September elk country, echoed throughout the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, in Boulder, Montana. Though there were no elk, there were some of Montana's best elk callers, showcasing their talents and competing to be crowned the "RMEF Montana Elk Calling Champion". The contest, powered by Toyota, had 27 total contestants, competing in
three categories; Adult, Youth and Peewee. Though there was prize money and bragging rights to be dealt to the winners, this group of contestants cheered each other on and were supportive of each others true passion, hunting elk.

When the dust settled, three State Champions were crowned.  Judged on 30 seconds of cow calls and then 30 seconds of bull cows, the caller with the highest combined total, took home the crown in their division.

In the adult division, Ko Moua from Florence, MT accumulated 108 points and beat out second place finisher Shaun Boese, by only three points

The youth division crowned Zach Fisher of Kalispell, MT the Montana State Champion, with a total of 76 points.

The Peewee division crowned Noah Whitley of Deer Lodge its State Champion, with 98 points.

The Champions, 2nd and 3rd place finishers were crowned at the Saturday night awards ceremony, where competitors became friends and hunting stories were told.

"Elk hunters are a very passionate group of people and it was fun for this group to come together in a friendly competition to measure their calling skills against another's." said RMEF Regional Director Jared Wold. "We were fortunate to have the State Championships powered by Toyota, our presenting sponsor, who really made this event possible. We could not have done it without them and they have really stepped up in support of RMEF and Montana elk country"

Youth Champion Zach Fisher said "I was a little nervous competing in front of so many people, but didn't have anything to lose. It was fun to see what other callers sound like and what they do to make their sounds.  I've never had the opportunity to be around so many different callers in one place and learned a few things that I can use this September."

All scores and results from the competition are listed below.

1 Noah Whitley           98
2 Addison Tuckett  85
3 Kadynce Whitley  78
4 Josh Rindal          52
5 Asher Tuckett          47
6 Paxtynne Moreau  42
7 Cooper Minster  32
8 Athena Hulse           8

1 Zach N.M. Fisher  76
2 Luke Donalson  63
3 Chase Henze          62

1 Ko Moua                 108
2 Shaun Boese         105
3 Gary Vorhies         100
4 Schaffer Bungay 95
5 Keith Wheatly         93
6 Ben Ballew         91
7 Steve Jones         90
8 Nathan Wright       89
9 Jake Leary         89
10 Gary Vochies         87
11 Tim Bunao         87
12 Patrick Bishop        86
13 Connell Coffing 85
14 Evan Rindal         78
15 Rick Donaldson 75
16 Tim Lund               73

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