Monday, December 11, 2017

Montana Ultimate Raffle Winners Drawn!

We have winners! The winners for the Ultimate Raffle are as follows. Please be patient, as we are in the process of making initial contact with the winners by phone (don't call us, we'll call you). Each prize is valued at over $600 and the IRS requires us to collect contact information and SSN from each winner in order to produce a 1099 for the prize. this process could take a few days to contact everyone.

The winners are:

-Leupold Package -Nate S.
-Kimber Mtn Asscent- Ike S.
-Sitka Package- Blake L.
Matthews Halon Bow- Tyler P.
-Danner Boot Package- Damon M.
-Yeti 210- Jon M.
-Leupold Package -.Mays
-Kimber Mtn Asscent- David C.
-Sitka Package- Kalea B.
Matthews Halon Bow- Lori M.
-Danner Boot Package- Miller
-Yeti 210- Chris B.
Again, we do have phone numbers for all of the winners and will be contacting them shortly.

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