Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Missoula Volunteers Help Introduce Youth to Safe Shooting

The Great Rockies Sportshow was in Missoula March 10-12.  The Five Valleys Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation set up a booth at the event where we sold raffle tickets, RMEF memberships, promoted our upcoming banquet and most importantly set up the Shooting Access For Everyone (SAFE) bb gun shooting booth for kids.  The SAFE booth is an inflatable bb gun shooting booth where kids can shoot bb guns in a safe, controlled indoor setting.  The kids shoot with adult supervision and are taught the basic safety rules such as wearing shooting glasses and always pointing the muzzle in a safe direction.  Well over 200 kids took the opportunity to shoot at the SAFE booth during the sportshow.  Kids from first time shooters to kids that are shooting riles.  Hard to beat the smile on a kid’s face after they shoot a bb gun for the first time, or reinforcing safety rules for kids that have already been shooting for some time.  We also gave away bb guns as raffle prizes for the kids, and handed out paper elk antlers, RMEF balloons and RMEF logo tattoos.  While the kids were shooting, it also gave us the opportunity to interact with their parents/guardians about the RMEF mission.  

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