Thursday, November 17, 2016

Montana Women Show Up to Support Montana Elk and Elk Habitat

At RMEF, we try to reach all hunters and outdoors people, but the one demographic we are really trying to do a better job with, is women.   Women can be just as involved in hunting, hunting heritage and conservation, so we have increased our efforts to help get them involved. What can we do to help this along? How about a ladies event! Chapters in other states have seen success in holding ladies nights over the last few years, so we decided we'd give it a shot this year in Montana.

How to go about this??? Get a group of ladies together to organize a party, that’s how!!! Heck, that’s what we do!!  Kalispell and Missoula committee members put their heads together to come up with
two fun filled evenings to help raise money for elk and elk habitat.  These were great opportunities for ladies to let their hair down, come together for wildlife and have a lot of fun while they were at it.

When asked what a women’s event would look like, the women volunteers of RMEF came together and agreed that women not only liked, but LOVED themes, men, spending money and winning stuff.  “Winning stuff” being top on the list. What lady doesn’t like a bargain? And there is no bigger bargain than winning something!

How to get them to come, they asked? Plan a party, that’s how. We women do love a party! “Let’s bling it up”, we said. So the “Denim and Diamonds” themed event was created. 

Whoop it up, we said….It’ll be fun we said…And Whoop it up they did, and fun was had by all!!! Kalispell held their first annual Women for Wildlife event on Saturday, Oct. 29 with Missoula following shortly after on Saturday, November 12.  There was glitter, sparkle,  photo opportunities, auctions, games and raffles.  With hand guns, rifles, coolers, art, purses, jewelry and more; there were plenty of items for the ladies to get excited about.

With a raucous crowd and an entertaining auctioneer, the Missoula event had table dancing and whooping and hollering all night long. A 2 night stay at Lake Mary Ronan sold for $800 while a custom hydro dipped Yeti cooler went for over $500. Kalispell saw great success with a 7 night vacation rental selling for $1500. Both events sold their head table with special amenities for next year.  In Missoula, the ladies will enjoy a limo ride to and from the event, special treatment from our gentlemen of the evening and extra goodies to go home with.

As always these events wouldn’t be possible without our outstanding volunteers. If any of you would like to be involved in planning an upcoming Ladies event, reach out to one of your local committees and let them know. More heads together to think of exciting ideas are always welcome! Come and join the fun as a committee member or an attendee. It’s a guaranteed good time!!

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